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Meet Decision Makers From:

  • Automotive OEMs
  • Tier 1-3 Suppliers
  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Advanced/Sustainable Material Manufacturers
  • Battery Manufacturers
  • Software Solutions
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • Recycling & Reuse Companies

With The Following Job Titles:

SVP, VP, Chief, Principal, Director, Head, Manager, General Manager of -

  • Life Cycle, Life Cycle Analysis, LCA/Life Cycle Assessment
  • Sustainability / Sustainable
  • Environment / Environmental
  • Circular Economy
  • Remanufacturing
  • Renewable
  • Natural Fibres / Biomaterials
  • Decarbonisation
  • Recycling / Recyclability
  • ESG / Environmental, Social & Governance
  • Government/Governance/Regulatory/Regulation
  • HSE / EHS / Environmental Health & Safety

Heads, VPs, Directors of:

  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement


Monday 18 September - 14:00-17:00

This workshop will run in-person only and is not being live-streamed or recorded

Training Workshop

Automotive Life Cycle Assessment

This workshop will explore current LCA topics in the automotive industry and provide practical examples on how to conduct an LCA of a component and complete car using software and database tools.

The workshop will provide participants with a practical step-by-step guide on how to complete a life cycle assessment (LCA) calculation for a part or component, as well as the whole vehicle. The session will cover LCA calculations, the latest tools and software, common areas of ambiguity surrounding assumptions and a lack of guidelines on interpretations.

It will offer an understanding of how to compute an LCA calculation, including how to consider the end of life in your products and actual product use, through practical examples of LCA calculations for various products, components, and parts, including a discussion on addressing key assumptions. It will also cover extended problem-solving and questions regarding standardisation, approaches for automated LCA calculation, data handling, and sourcing, including how to work with different OEMs that have different standards in depth.

Workshop Outline:

  • Welcome, Introduction & Objectives
  • Basic Principles Of Life Cycle Assessment
  • Coffee & Networking
  • A Practical Example - How To Conduct An LCA Of A Component/Complete Car
  • Standardisation & Approaches For Automated LCA Calculation
  • End of the Workshop

Led by:
Stefan Kupferschmid, Sustainability Manager & Lucas Hadamek, Associate Consultant, Sphera


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